Hey Everyone,
These goodbye letters usually have fraudulent cheese dripping off of them so I’ll try to make this one a little bit more genuine, interesting, and most importantly, purposeful.
Today is my last day with Citi.
This was the best experience of my life and I’m devastated to be moving on.
Jokes aside, there were some valuable takeaways from my experience here and I think I would be doing everyone a disservice if I didn’t share.
The highlights were largely the people I was able to interact with all along the way. Sometimes sharing a common struggle brings people together and if anything that’s what I value the most about my time here, the relationships that were forged with some of my co-workers. Some of the folks I’ve had the pleasure to work with in the past have an understanding of what doesn’t work here, why, and also full blown solutions on how to fix these issues. What will happen when people care to listen?
Who truly are our experts? This needs to be re-evaluated heavily and a lot of mouths need to become ears. We are wasting intellectual talent by forcing the bright shining stars to listen to direction from incumbent leadership that couldn’t mentally compete with these kids on even their finest day. It’s been this way for the entire duration of my stay and over time the bright shining stars decide to go shine elsewhere or they burn out thinking they can’t even help this place even if they tried.
The good news is that if people band together this is all fixable and morale can be high but being smart and having ideas is only part of the puzzle. Voice them all, be the squeaky wheel! If everyone is pushing the needle forward you can’t be ignored and things will improve. Much of the time if I recognized something as silly or broken and said anything about it, I felt like the whole room looked at me like I was an alien or a bad seed, probably the very same way this e-mail will be received by some. “Don’t rock the boat” isn’t applicable when the boat is sinking, there is nothing to be afraid of! It’s very easy to say yes to everything and fight for nothing, but is it working for the collective group professionally or personally? No, it’s not. Everyone leaves, nobody smiles here ever… it doesn’t have to be like this.
I sincerely hope it’s figured out for everyone involved and that everyone is put in a position to reach their full potential because there is so much of it here! Getting the talent usually is a problem, not wasting it.
“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do” – Steve Jobs
I am grateful for the opportunity none the less and will be watching from afar hoping to hear about wonderful changes. As opposed to waiting for it, I really do think you all can be the change itself. This isn’t meant to whine about the past, for that e-mail would be even longer…. it’s more or less to pump you all up to make a better future and I really, sincerely hope you all do.
I’m connected to majority of you on Facebook already but feel free to add me if we have not. If there are any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to ask me as I have no problem assisting how I can. I want everyone to do well here.
Thanks for reading and being my co-worker throughout this adventure.


The Martian Review

It seems now that every year we get a new space adventure. “Gravity”, “Interstellar” then this and I can safely say that this is the funniest out of all three. I was really surprised about how many times the theatre erupted with laughter. And it’s not just a bunch of stupid gags either, it’s the witty banter between Matt Damon and the rest of the cast including his video blogs on Mars. 

As of late, Ridley Scott hasn’t exactly been top notch.   I did like Prometheus, but many did not. I hated The Counselor and Exodus: Gods and Kings was incredibly boring. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little worried about The Martian despite its fantastic cast and great subject material (I read the book). It is a really faithful adaptation of the book. The visuals are really great too. If you can I recommend jumping on this one in 3D. The Mars 3D scenes alone are a blast. The movie has a lot of great characters and I can’t recommend it highly enough. The one gripe I may have had which is super minor is the movie does run 2 hours and 15 minutes long. It’s a long one and there are some super scientific explanations to what’s going on where many normal peeps might not understand, but it’s so good. 

The Martian is a movie that succeeds largely on the fact that it doesn’t cock up the whole idea of space travel too badly, which in today’s films is really saying something. The Martian is actually a nice counter to other interstellar jaunts, like Gravity. Whereas in Gravity, the film’s character succeeds against improbable odds through acts of gung-ho gallantry and a shoot-from-the-hip mentality, the main character in the Martian succeeds through calculated decision-making, robust problem solving, and sheer force of will. The Martian stays true to what must certainly be the universal truths about space travel; that it is long, monotonous and process oriented, anything else is purely science fiction.

The Martian is more positive approach of the survival genre, this could’ve been dark, gritty and emotionally overwhelming but it captivates you with a lot of practicality and sunshine that you totally forget it’s a movie about survival. I hope this will get nominated for Oscars in several categories. 2015 has been the year of grandpa directors, The most badass movie(Mad Max: Fury Road) of this year was also made by a Grandpa and this one, wittiest and most practical space survival drama adds up to it.



I watched Puli even after onslaught of negative reviews and trolling internet memes, not out of curiosity but for pure cinematic guilty pleasure, I had a feeling that this film will be terrible and cheesy after watching the trailer; the audio launch event made it so worse that I was waiting to see what they are up to. Puli isn’t just a bad movie, it is so bad that it’s actually good. They went to an extent with logic-defying plots, insanity of the performances, dialogue, cheesy visual effects, garnish makeups, tacky costumes and mad set pieces.  It makes you fall out of your seat laughing and cheering for the awfulness; Few people almost choked on their Popcorn’s, I can’t believe they went there.

This is Vijay’s Great “bad movie” performance; shameless! It break all the rules and make our skins feel just a little bit less constricting. He has done more than terrible acting in some good movies too, but this eclipsed every other film he has acted in his entire career.

The filmmaking is so absurd. The weird innocence of the story was replaced by bad script writing, dialogue, Lilliput and shit. I believe Chimbudevan is somewhat unselfconscious about his terribleness, He has overtaken Lingu in this category. It just stuns all of us, why we choose to watch it. I can’t believe how bad it dipped below quality it automatically shifts to the good category for mediocre filmmaking. I love the sincerity here.

What made Baahubali enjoyable isn’t the same thing that’s making Puli a success. The monsters look stupid, the acting sucks, female leads are only used as a flesh show, it’s duller than watching a plant die. It keeps on surprising us with its awfulness and yet movies like these will make break-even within its opening weekend and keeps making more money moving forward, it’s because we convince ourselves that this one will be different. We still believe in Vijay. What we are forgetting here is that he has become so skilled in successfully making terrible films, they are almost enjoyably bad. Watching his films is like a trip to the dentist, initially they offer a bunch of different flavoured fluorides that all tastes like butt. It’s all varied in terribleness.

I experienced people telling me that criticism is easy and how difficult movie making job is, this is for all those who believes criticizing is unholy. If you are a professional, you’ll have to deal with random people telling you that they could totally personally improve on your skill set. This attitude is particularly common among creative stuff like movie making and music. A lot of us thinks that the director points camera at some stuff and everything happen magically but Puli is of a different level Nobody has control over this film, not even the producers, it’s a level of creative profoundness that most of us never imagined it ever exist. Scenes were poorly lit that actors and background are out of place, whole shots were blocked by one actor with woody emotion and song sequence were out of focus. Hey, if you’re not doing a good job someone has to tell you that right???

The only silver lining and saving grace is Sridevi, she has an enigmatic screen presence and badass believable in her portrayal of the witch queen with a charm. She captivates and overshadows other actors including Vijay. Though its only 15 minutes of screen presence and hardly 10 dialogues, her comic sense, voice modulation And expression is out of the box. She did a better job than both the lead ladies and Sudeep. People fumed that she choose this character over Sivagami in Baahubali, that is a topic on its own, but she is one of the most versatile actors in the industry.

Unlike others I’m not telling anyone not to watch Puli, please go and watch it, you’ll have something to talk with your friends during a mundane weekend or If you want to enjoy it seriously  like old fashioned just imagine yourself as an 8-year-old kid and go and watch it with your  grandparents. This experience could  bond the two generations in your family. My humble advice Don’t choke on popcorns coz it’s unintentionally hilarious.

Internet & Me – Blogathon #09

It seems like once every couple of years I hear about how the internet (or Google, or Farmville, or whatever else) is messing up my head in one way or another. Is it really possible the internet is making me stupid, crazy, and constantly distracted?

The Answer is I Don’t Know and I never want to know.

This is my Crack and I’m incomplete without it.


– Rocko

Fun Day – Blogathon #08

I’ve had many best days, but the one that stands out has yet to be lived. I’m one of those people who thinks things can be better than they are now, and will probably gamble away the present to live in the future. Anyway, I have a lot of good days and my unfair share of bad days. However, there is one day that stands out happily: I usually do a lot of crazy things before exams one of them happened on 2012 where I went to watch a movie along with my friends at night stone drunk and after that movie we roamed around the city till the sunrise,  the best part is one of my friend tried riding the bike and fell. We were chased by some goons in a SUV on an isolated road and two of my friends got caught by the local security near their neighborhood for coming late at night. It was horrible but all 4 of us can never forget that day in our life despite all the odds and sad things we still had a lot of fun.  It reminds me of happiness and feel fresh all the time because friends can make any worst day into you best day.


– Rocko

Music is mesmerizing if it is Loud – Blogathon #07

Yes! I love Loud Music!

I kinda created a different taste for music from my very young age and love to crank up the volume all the time when I listen for no reason. Now you know why most of my neighbors hate me!

One of my hobby is to collect and listen to popular music from all parts of the world. apart from regional language music. I love country, latin and alternative. I love listening to new music and explore more about the artist. Many of my friends hate my music taste because they don’t want to listen to new music. I don’t care my music taste is very personal and I love it when it is LOUD.


– Rocko